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RISK | Hållbarhetspolicy ENGELSKA | Sustainability Policy | CSR - UPPDATERAS


Här finns hållbarhetspolicyn på engelska. På engelska kan den ibland heta Sustainability Policy och ibland Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy.

Sustainability Policy | Corporate Social Responsibility 


BOARDA has adopted / uses the UN Global Compact as a basis for its sustainability policy. The ten principles that together form the UN Global Compact are a global standard adopted by many large companies worldwide. These principles reflect BOARDA’s views on human rights, working conditions, the environment and the fight against corruption. BOARDA has zero tolerance to all forms of corruption, extortion and bribery.

UN Global Compact | The ten principles

Human Rights

  • Companies shall support and respect the protection of internationally recognized human rights and rights
  • make sure they do not commit themselves to human rights violations.
  • working conditions
  • Companies will ensure that freedom of association is maintained and support the right to collective agreements,
  • abolish all forms of forced labor,
  • abolish child labor and
  • comply with the principle of non-discrimination in employment and in the workplace.


  • Companies should promote the precautionary principle for environmental challenges,
  • take the initiative to promote a greater environment
  • encourage the development and dissemination of environmentally friendly technologies.

Combating corruption

  • Companies will fight corruption in all forms, including extortion and bribery.

BOARDA does not participate in any assignments or projects in areas that we may influence, where there is a clear risk that BOARDA’s or BOARDA’s customers may violate one or more of the ten principles of the UN Global Compact. BOARDA respects the development of the 17 UN Sustainable development goals for 2030.

Here’s how we do

All business opportunities that meet one, or more, of the following criteria must undergo a sustainability survey before we can proceed with the business process.


  • There is the reason to believe that project-related activities in areas such as BOARDA may affect one, or more, of the ten principles of the UN Global Compact.
  • Some kind of sanction has been introduced by the world community (UN, EU, EFTA, Financial Supervisory Authority) against our counterparty in the project.
  • There is a risk of public criticism, involvement of voluntary organizations, riots, civil disobedience, criminal activity (organized or otherwise) or other unwelcome attention or action that may delay or prevent the mission or project from being implemented as planned.

The criteria described should be included in applicable processes and tools for internal control and management of the business. Responsibility for this lies with BOARDA’s CEO.

Whistle Blowing

If a BOARDA employee has well-founded reasons to suspect that the above criteria are not followed and if this is not possible or if it appears inappropriate for the employee to report this to the manager, the situation should be reported in accordance with BOARDA’s whistle blower function. Use the email address: whistleblower@boarda.se

BOARDAs sustainability policy applies throughout the Group and is updated once a year.

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